The FRN App

Never forget a friend again.


Keep up with Friends

If you've ever forgotten to check in with a friend -- Hello ADHD! -- you know how hard this is on relationships. The FRN app lets you know when it's time to check in. You can even enable reminders in the Coda version!


Completely Customisable

FRN starts simple from your choice of Coda.io and Google Sheets available now, with a Notion version launching within a few weeks. (Please note: Notifications only available on the Coda.io version)You can easily customise FRN on any of these platforms, keeping it simple, or adding as many features as you need.


Use it in Community

FRN can be used in community. Share with friends and groups so you can help each other with support and make sure no one is being forgotten.


Community Wealth

By using the FRN App, you're supporting the #MakeitCommunity campaign, an educational media platform helping people build wealth and connection in their communities.You're also supporting Villej, a social enterprise built to empower neurodivergent people everywhere in jobs and entrepreneurship while creating social programs and community support.


The FRN App

FREE or Pay What You Can

Our app and other digital products will always be free because you pay enough for executive dysfunction.When you do choose to support, proceeds go towards:

  • Helping neurodivergents earn a livable wage

  • Building community wealth systems for everyone

  • Expanding our free community, apps, and supports

About the App

The FRN App was created by J. Friday in December 2023 in response to a twitter thread about an autistic person who had made a spreadsheet to keep up with their friends.There were thousands of replies requesting the spreadsheet, along with stories of lost friendships due to executive function.It is Friday's hope that the FRN App, along with an ecosystem of other helping apps, will make it easier to strengthen our bonds, from friendships to communities.<3

Support & Community

Need one on one support? For a small donation, become a part of our Patreon community and get hands-on help with the FRN App and more at the #MakeitCommunity Patreon.

You can also join the Villej Discord for free help. Please note that this is less moderated. For quickest, hands-on service, use the Patreon.

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